Indianapolis, Indiana

Company advertises roses for 39.95. First they take you through an innumerable number of pages after you order to get to the final billing page where you can finally see what they want to charge you. Total charge was over $83.00. If there is a way to cancel the order, assuming you don't like the charges, it is certainly well hidden. I finally had to back out through all of the previous screens and hope that because I did not hit "confirm", that my card would not be charged.

Just to be sure, I called my bank to verify that the order did not go through.

I am not cheap, and I understand that you usually get exactly what you pay for. While PF didn't do anything illegal, they absolutely do everything possible to mislead and obsfucate what you will actually pay for their products. Believe me when I say you will NOT save one dime by dealing with this company! CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!!

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We apologize for any disappointment encountered by our charges during the order process. Please contact us at 888-855-3486 if you would like us to explain the services associated with the charges.



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