As we approach Valintines day, I would caution flower buyers about PRO FLOWERS com.... their main page shows many very nicely priced items...but by the time you get through many pages of "check this" and "check that" ***, you find your $30 item is not maybe $45 or way more. You get charged for the vase (even tho the page says it's free.. it's really just a "discounted price"..what a lie! There there is the delivery charge and then there is the handling fee...and then the tax and then.........Lord only knows what.

I would not recommend this site...unless you realize the price posted on the 'suck them in page' is no where near what you will pay on the Last page!

This was an example of decitiful advertising at it's worst!

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I had the same experience. The page that displayed the pricing and charges said $34.99 but when I went to make the payment it was close to $52.

They added a bunch of other charges. They also do it in a very deceptive way. They put all the additional charges toward the end of the page in the lower right hand side and it is all grayed out. The "Confirm Payment" button is at the top of the page and is in full color.

Not sure why the used this tactic as it only creates a 1 time shopper. The whole idea of a website is to keep people coming back, not getting angry because they are getting deceived.

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #300170

I am sorry for your experience with ProFlowers. I would like to look into this for you.

Please call 866-526-9426. Sallie


Just another person to pipe in that I was charged 52.00 for and order I thought was 30.00. Shame on Drudge for advertising them on his page when it is clear these people are scammers!


Yes, ProFlowers charges $18.00 for delivery, $5 to have them delivered on 2/14, and if you want your flowers delivered before noon you can add in another $15. Then add in $3 as a handling and Care charge....

Really? Shouldn't that be part of the 'delivery' fee(s)? And, of course, another $2 to have a card on the flowers to say whom they are from.

Really ProFlowers? It's just not right...


I also ordered the Valentines special , a vase and flowers for 19.99. My 19.99 order ended up being over $46.00.

I tried to cancel but that was impossible. I emailed them several times, I wanted to cancel because I was charged 12.99 for a vase.

Pro Flowers should be sued in court for false and misleading advertising. I don't believe customer satisfaction is their goal.


Yes and Yes to all you had to post.OMG by the time my Husband was done it cost 98.00 I could of had a lot more flowers for that kind of money...I`m hear people on the radio talk about them all the time so we thought we would use them and were very sorry we did ...I`m still mad about it ...You see I LOVE flowers. And we will never use PRO FLOWERS AGAIN...Wish we would have come to this wed sooner my flowers came yesterday ..Not that Impressed with the flowers ..Thanks for letting me VENT....Have a good V-Day anyway...

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