Los Angeles, California

Once again high tech thief Pro Flowers finds yet another way to take YOUR MONEY! First there's "ez server" a $14.95 SCAM.

And Pro Flowers also has "free shipping.com" SCAM. You place an order, Pro Flowers site asks you if you want to save x% on this order, you click yes. and it's that simple! PRO FLOWERS TAKES $8.97 a month from you!!!!!

nice right? you get no notification, no instructions telling why or how you've signed up for the honor of them charging you and, essentially they're providing you NO PRODUCTS OR SERVICES for it. PRO FLOWERS SUCKS AND I WOULD NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN. Too bad, because their products are nice.

Way to screw yourself Pro Flowers! my suggestion to Pro Flowers: Hire some ethical leaders, maybe look for qualified individuals who care about product and service rather than finding manipulative ways to trick us out of our money!

Monetary Loss: $8.

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