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Just ordered some flowers for somebody the other day from Pro Flowers online. I was shopping around for the best deal online, and the name sounded familiar to me, ... perhaps I'd heard it before on a radio advertisement? This is my first time doing business with Pro Flowers. After placing the order, I was redirected to a suspicious page that promised "Free Shipping," if I would just provide them with my credit card number, "for your protection."

I didn't just fall off the turnip truck, okay?

An internet search about this offer revealed that there would be no shipping discount unless a membership fee was paid. Furthermore, there were a lot of complaints by people who appear to have been auto-enrolled in the program. Nowhere on the webpage that I was re-directed to was there any mention of a membership fee. The credit card information was requested for "protection," purposes and I did not provide it.

I'm receiving junk mail (spam) now, from companies affiliated with Pro Flowers; Gee Whiz, I really, really hope the person I sent the flowers to isn't getting it, too.

I now see there are numerous, numerous complaints about Pro Flowers on sites like this one all over the Internet. There are a few postings that have positive things to say about Pro Flowers, that are in defense of Pro Flowers, but they have the suspicious appearance of being posted by the business itself and not a legitimate customer.

I'm really worried now that my personal and credit card information might have been compromised by this transaction.

Another thing I found annoying, though of lesser concern, is that I was assessed shipping charges, which I expected, but then when the transaction went through, there was also seperate "handling" charges, and "tax," (even though this was an out-of-state sale.)

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I wonder why these people are still allowed to process credit cards, the proof is just too overwhelming: they are helping easy saver steal from customers, who was bought off to keep them from being brought up on fraud charges? Where is the American Express and Visa fraud departments on this?

Tingley, Iowa, United States #137204

I just placed 2 orders on ProFlowers.com for the week prior to Mother's Day. After I placed the order I looked up the reviews, and the positive reviews are VERY minimal.

After reading so many negative reviews, I am really worried that the flowers will not be delivered, or they will look bad. I ordered flowers for my mom, and my boyfriend's mom.

At this point, I'm just hoping the flowers are delivered on time. I will deal with the condition of the flowers once they arrive (if they do =/).


Go *** yourself Pro Flowers

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #130564

Hello, my name is Caroline and I am the Special Programs Associate here at ProFlowers. I see that you had some questions and concerns about your recent order and I would like to be able to discuss them with you.

Here at ProFlowers, we pride ourselves in customer service and we want to make sure that all of our customers are satisfied with thier order and service. I would really like to discuss your experiance with you.

You can reach me directly at 858-909-3785. Please feel free to contact me when you have a chance, I would be happy to help.

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