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Ordered a bouquet of tulips for Sat. delivery (for Mother's Day).

My mom contacted me today that the Flowers arrived dead and wilted. How freaking embarrassing!!! They issued a refund but this is just unacceptable. I will only deal with a local florist from now on.

Do not be deceived. They charge you for everything and then some. A 19.99 or 29.99 deal quickly skyrockets to $50-60++! My "deal" started out at $29.99 but ended up totalling $66.00.

Can you say false advertising!?! Don't make the same mistake.

What a ripoff for dead flowers!! This company needs to be shut down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Bouquet.

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We apologize for the poor quality of the flowers, we are happy to refund your money when this occurs. We also understand that shipping charges do add to the cost of our gifts, and that these charges can become significant around major holidays.

We do work to keep those costs down, and we appreciate you feedback.

Please reach out to me at 888-855-3486 if I can assist you further. -Amy


Wow, really? It wasn't the money as much as the fact that I was ripped off.

I'm sorry that not everyone has $66 to waste on sending DEAD (not dying) flowers to their mom. Why don't they just advertise the "real" price of the flowers as $56 + additional Saturday shipping rates instead of using bait and switch tactics.


The more you add to the deal the more that you have to pay. The fact that you are complaining about how much you have to pay shows that you don't love your mother that much.

The flowers dying part I can understand complaining about but being charged more because you wanted more added to the deal?

Your mother brought you into this world and you complain about how much you have to pay. I am sure if she saw this review she would be hurt and disappointed.

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