I can't believe that any company would continue to sponsor Rush Limbaugh, let along offer a discount for typing "Rush" into the promo code microphone. This is disgraceful! I know they are recieving a huge amount of email and calls regading customers who are angry. Can there really be so many people in the US that are supporting him? There are many petitions online that you can sign either asking for Rush to apologize, or for him to be fired. I recommend we all sign as many of them as we can.


Copy and sign the petition!

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Stop your Marxist socialist free speech hating rant you ignorant fool. Rush and president Trump are great fearless constitutional Americans.

You and those like you could benefit by actually reading the constitution and not getting your talking points from evil power hungry radical socialists like chuck, Nancy Ilhan and AOC..... bunch of fools.


I don't really like Rush Limbaugh but I think you need to get a life.


Love Pro Flowers. Can take or leave Rush but so tired of being told what to think and how to act by libs.

I hate hypocrisy. I've always supported different opinions but fed up with zero tolerance from libs "my way or highway" attitude. Shocking and shameful watching so many libs viciously attack conservative women too.

I believe if free speech but sick and tired of "zero tolerance" from the "formerly tolerant libs". Imagine protesting libs crazy speeches and demonstrations like libs to to conservative leaders and speakers.


I love Rush and that's why I buy Pro Flower's. Why would you want to fire someone who tells the truth.


Rush is the one of a few truthful media people on the air. I support Pro Flowers if you support Rush


Our family here in Spokane Washington listen to Rush all the time. We love Rush!! That's the reason we buy our flowers at ProFlowers.


*** Yes, to the person who said they Love Rush! Me too.

Liberal talk show hosts, TV news show hosts, etc, CONSTANTLY use vile words towards conservative women. That *** Sandra Fluke deserved it.

Who in their right mind would go on national TV asking for free birth control pills, and NOT think people might get the right idea about how she operates? What freakin idiots these liberals are.

San Diego, California, United States #648738

Love Rush! People can't handle the truth anymore, always wanting to be politically correct because they are afraid to offend.


Go Rush!


Spoken like a true Limbaugh fan, Me. Thanks for confirming that for us.

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