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I went online to order with the mother's day radio promotion and at the time of checkout discovered that they were charging me for a supposed "free" vase. So I had to start all over and select the free vase again.

Keep in mind I was trying to order 3 different arrangments so this was a total pain. Then I got to the total again and found they were charging me this time for extra delivery fees. So I started all over again. The third time I was being charged for "free" vases on multiple orders.

Keep in mind that each of the 3 times I did this I had 3 different totals.

I finally gave up. What a scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Arrangement.

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Don't click on coupon. You sign up for I'm not sure what but it will cost you $14.95 per month.

Unfortunately $650 later we figured out what was going on.

I assumed my husband signed up for an Internet site and didn't question it. Check you accounts and never buy from Pro Flowers!t :cry

Angel Face111

Good thing you gave up - you would have been completely embarrassed by the junk they consider a flower arrangement!!


i just recieved flowers i ordered from the same promotion which turned out to be *** buying from the guy on the highway would have been better


I apologize for the frustration. Maybe I can help.

If you'd still like to place the order you can give me a call over the phone to ensure that everything is placed correctly and exactly how you want it.

You can contact me at 888-855-3486. -Mike

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