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My husband ordered some flowers from Pro Flowers that were advertised as being on sale for $39.99.He used the 1-800 number to place the order by the time the sales person was done strong arming him into all the hidden delivery (3 seperate)charges those "sale" flowers ended up costing just under $80.00.

My husband was also not even given an order or confirmation number, when the order was complete the sales rep just hung up! When Customer Service was called the RUDE representative pretty much said "so sorry so sad you should have read the fine print". And No we will not cancel or modify your order. These sales people are trained to strong arm you into paying all these extra shipping charges ($34.97), by saying "well I can't guarentee your delivery date or time unless you purchase these additional shipping and delivery options".


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Livonia, Michigan, United States #944159

I just experienced the SAME THING!!It was more than double the $19.99 price for the flowers.

I think it borders on criminal to take people to the cleaners like this. They should tell you BEFORE you enter your credit card information HOW MUCH THE TOTAL will be for the order! Then, you can decide to forget the whole thing, as I would have done after seeing the final price!

What a rip off outfit!!I have a new name for this company: PRO RIP OFF ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL.


I ordered a special flower deal for Pro Flowers, 12 roses, assorted colors, free chocolate, and free vase for $19.99.I elected not to take the guaranteed delivery option for $14.

I proceeded to checkout and elected to pay using PayPal. When my PayPal confirmation arrived I discovered I was charged $47.96. I immediately sent ProFlowers an email to complain and the email bounced right back. I then called them to complain.

They asked if I wanted to cancel my order and gave me a cancellation number. I will be calling PayPal in a few minutes to see if the charged was reversed.



I ordered five days ahead flowers for Valentines day, and now I received an email

saying that they will arrive tomorrow, I/ she don't need them by tomorrow, I requested for today and by 9am. Yeah, great I got my partly of my shipments money back.

And a useless $10 gift card with my next order but that's it with ProFlower!!! I rather *** a half day from work and deliver it myself, will cost me more but I will be efficient and get it in time.

First and last time ProFlowers!!!


**forgive me if you are seeing this post for the 3/4/5th time. I am posting on EVERY post I see re;Proflowers and their crappy product**

I have to say I got mine from ProFlowers today and they were DEAD. Not a little wilted, not a little droopy, not not opened but DEAD DEAD DEAD rotten. It was like they'd been frozen and when they thawed they soaked in their own water. Thank goodness hubby had them sent to the house. I would have been soooooo embarrassed if they showed up to my place of business.

ANY men reading this a word of advise. By the time proflowers charges you for .... Let me cut and past all the bull s. Now... this was for a 49.99 W/upgrade vase and strawberries. The flowers were DEAD and the strawberries didn't even show.... Maybe tomorrow.

GO TO YOUR LOCAL FLORIST... Just call them, tell them what you want to spend and they will make it GREAT, 10 times better then this ***. I know not seeing a picture makes some men nervous but honestly it's the best way.

If you don't want to do that go through You order it online, but that order is sent to your local florist and it is arranged and delivered.

Here is the actual order with all the BULL S charges

Order Total

100 Blooms of Love with 6 Gourmet Dipped Strawberries: $49.98

Large Ginger: Free! (got basic crappy clear)

Full Half Dozen Gourmet Dipped Fancy Berries $29.99: $0.00 (never showed up)


Shipping Rebate

Click Here

Monday Delivery $4.99

Care & Handling $2.99

Standard Delivery - Additional Gift $9.99

Rush Delivery $4.99

Guaranteed Valentine's Day Delivery $4.99

Tax: $5.77

TOTAL: $95.69

All they wanted to do was send me a new set of flowers....ummmmmm no thank you. I sooooo wish I could post a PIC of these terrible flowers.

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And guess what, even after paying all those delivery fees.One of which guarentees morning delivery.

Still no flowers!!!



how do they (pro flowers) send flowers that have not even bloomed would advise everyone to not use worst valentine ever

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