Farmington, Minnesota

what I heard rush say is no different then what I've heard said about sarah palin and michelle bachman and laura ingram and other conservative women on msnbc, abc,cnn. the only difference is a liberal can say whatever they want and a conservative can not and a liberal does not have to apologize!!!

I will no longer support pro flowers!! oh and what did david letterman say about sarah palin daughter!!now that is spewing hate. but you don't hear any of the mainstream media saying anything about that stuff!!

rush limbal is the most listened to radio show for a reason. pro flowers I have a feeling you're gonna be losing a lot of business

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To the OP and former customer, if you were that upset by what various liberals have said about Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann & Laura Ingraham then why did you not organize boycotts at the time? BTW, when Ed Shultz said those things about Ms.

Ingraham, he apologized the nest day and was off the air, unpaid, for a week.

Not to mention that the ladies you mentioned are all public figures while Ms. Fluke is a private citizen.


the odds of anyone who defends rush's statements about this young lady is very unlikely to spend $300 a month with pro flowers or anyone else, except maybe keystone light...or maybe oxycontin. pro flowers gained more than they lost. of this i have no doubt.


I will never buy pro flowers again. I have purchased many times before but never again.

I hope the libs can keep you in business!

I agree with the original author. The democrats have called Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann & Laura Ingram much worse and always get a pass.

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