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I saw an add for mothers day from The add states $19.99 with a free special savings of $6.99 as a free gift for the vase and free shipping.

When I ordered and proceeded to checkout, my total was $19.99. The next day I checked my bank account and it was charged $32.99.

I wrote pro flowers immediately and their response was that I needed to join some club to get the free shipping, which costs $100.00, the vase was only promotional, and they would not cancel or refund the money.

Not only is this false advertising, but it is a scam. I will write to everything I can on the internet to let people know what a scam this is.!

Monetary Loss: $32.

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Amanda R

I just posted a review with a photo - I was completely embarrassed at the arrangement my mother in law received - amazing they're still in business!!! Call and demand refunds - I was lucky, I was able to get a refund!


If you want to get this company stopped from scamming people, then please take the time to turn them in to the Better Business Bureau like I did. Hopefully it will help the next person, and their company will get shut down!


ProFlowers is a horrible company to order from. I have tried them twice and felt scammed both times.

Do yourself a favor and use someone else. Their prices look for when they send their promotions but there are tons of hidden costs in your order.


Bought my 80 year old mother the 100 bloom flowers and when I called to see how she liked them she asked me why did I send her dead flowers...I'm horribly upset and of course demanded my money back.....Lesson learned guess i'll stick with See's Candies from now on you can't go wrong there.


Let see what happens, just placed my order within the hour. I too felt shipping was a bit misleading.

First it's $4.99 to have it delivered on Valentine's Day and then just before completing the order I see the basic shipping charge is $9.99. OK SO NOW THE TOTAL SHIPPING IS $14.98...oh wait...there's also an extra $2.99 for care and handling so shipping is actually $17.97, so what? Glad I didn't select to pay $14.99 extra to get it there in the morning. So now my mindset is whoa, shipping is more expensive than I thought!?

Oh well it's valentine's day...she's worth it. But then I see an offer for a shipping rebate. "Well this must be my lucky day", I thought to myself. So I click on the offer and enter some basic info as I'm noticing the tell-tale sign I'm in for a scam: the 30-day trial.

Fortunately I bailed out before I entered my credit card info and did a quick web search for 'proflowers / freeshipping scam' which brought me to this site.

Now I fear I may get billed for services just because I wanted to find out more about the rebate program. If what I've read is true I hope has discontinued their practice of auto enrollment / auto billing.


I placed my order May 1, to be delivered on May 7. By end of day I called to check on the status and was told my 100 bud order was SOLD OUT!

Now, I called Monday, just to update the house # for my mother's flowers and never was told anything of sold out. After being on the line for close to 1 hr. lady gave number for a supervisor. It was a lady from a shipping center who said many people have called complaing of the same and wilted flowers on some.

She was not a supervisor. Third time calling Pro Dud's I was told my 50 bud bouquet was to be delivered on Monday, 10th. NO, this is not what I paid ordered or paid for! I cancelled the order and demanded my fund!

Not professional at all and passing me off to someone who is not at all responsible for their *** is not good.

Time to check pro flowers for proper Id's for I know I spoke with several who maybe working and shouldn't


I concur. Had the same experience. They are a sleazy internet based criminal enterprise that tags on hidden charges.


I ordered a 19.95 special rose deal for Mothers day,only to find it costs 52.00 dollars !Whats up with that? I call it a rip off /scam! I'm calling my favorite radio station that recomended the bums kiim 99.5


ProFlowers is everything but .... professional.

They are pro's at ripping people off. A $19.99 vase of tulips cost $40.00+.

After realizing a minute later we called to cancel and they would not because of the high volume - yeah high volume of scams and ripping people off. Will never use this company again


your lucky cause they charged me over $42 for the same thing basterds :(

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