West Lafayette, Indiana

I order flowers for my wife, and didn't want to get just Walmart flowers, but that is probably what I should have done because the flowers looked like *** and looked like there were in the dryer thrown around. They also delivered right at the end time when they said they be there.

They made her late because of them slowing her down when she was leaving. I even paid alot extra for the shipping.

Next time, I will just go to walmart and spend all that money on flowers and get about 6x more and at least 3x better looking. What a disappointment...wish they had a feedback for their orders.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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I had that happen to me and I called them they sent me new flowers the next day no questions asked. It's wasn't the same as when you first see them but at least they tried.


I couldn't agree more! Same thing for me today!I could have got better looking flowers out of my neighbors garden!

Horrible price for what I got!

Very Displeased. I'll just buy local next time, at least I can look and make sure they aren't sending garbage!

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