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I received a flowers yesterday from my husband who is currently deployed in Afghanistan. Although card was super sweet, the flowers....

well they are my favorite type of flower that's about all that i liked about them. He paid well over $100, I got a box from ups, it had the vase (which is cracked) and the flowers all wrapped up. Not only did I have to go put my own bouquet of flowers together, but none of them had bloomed, and the leaves out outer pedals were brown and wilted. So I had a sorry looking bunch of buds, with broken leaves dangling from the sides of the vase, because they were too wilted to hold themselves up.

And today, 2 of the flowers are starting to bloom, and the rest look like they are dead. UPS is probably not a good idea for sending flowers!

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Bouquet.

Monetary Loss: $113.

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I, too, was horribly disappointed in two of the three orders my wife and I placed. No card with one and the other two orders were a complete rip off. Never again


We're sorry for your bad experience; that isn't typical of our service. We work closely with our carriers to ensure timely and quality deliveries.

If your flowers arrived dead, we will make it right for you. Our service center is well staffed and open 24/7, so you shouldn't have been unable to get through. Wait times were rarely longer than a few minutes, even on Valentine's Day. Regardless, if you haven't been able to get the matter resolved to your satisfaction, please give me a call at 866-526-9426, and I'll do what I can to set it right.

You shouldn't ever feel like you are "out" the money spent on our products; they are satisfaction guaranteed, as well as Seven Day Freshness guaranteed.

And, as a Marine, I thank your husband for his service and you for your sacrifices as a military spouse. -Steve


I tried to contact them for 3 days and was not able to get through. With it being such a busy holiday for them, and I'm sure if many others received flowers like mine they were getting a lot of complaints.

I wish i would have thought to take a picture, posting on their facebook would have been a great idea! I may be out the $100, but they will never receive my business again.

We have decided to only stick with local companies from here on out. Thank you for all ur comments though :)


post a picture of them on their facebook page more people will see it then


Call them and tell them what shape the flowers were in and they will replace them.


Call them! They just gave us a refund!

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