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WHAT A HORRIBLE COMPANY! I found out today that Pro-flowers packages their flowers in a box and ships them UPS.

And maybe its on UPS as well, but I've never had a problem with the delivery address before with 1-800 flowers (not a PO box, it was an actual physical mailing address). I asked my g/f if she got the flowers I sent and she said no. Instead of getting an email this morning telling me that the address couldn't be found (or calling me), i checked my email this evening, find out that UPS delivers them, entered my tracking # on UPS's website, and come to find out that they couldn't find the address and the package will be out for delivery tomorrow sometime. What a bunch of *** BS!!!

I never had any problems with 1-800 flowers, I guess that is what i get for trying something else. F Proflowers, F THEM!!!

really, flowers in a box, *** *** *** company pro-flowers is!!! NEVER EVER WILL I ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

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waether delay and she will not receive my package today. Maybe tomorrow.

they gave me a full refund and i will go out asap to get my honey some actual flowers for vday!! so SAD, but at least they refunded the purchase!

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