Savannah, Georgia

First of all, ProFlower sucks. They have the worst people in customer service and they refuse to do their jobs.

I just order flowers a couple of days ago and just found out the flower where dead. So I am trying to cancel my mother's day orders and they say I can't because the system already processed the order. Their site says you have til the 5th to cancel any order being delivered 8th-13th. Which my order was suppose to be delivered the 11th.

They refuse to cancel.

Guess I will get my bank to refuse the funds and go somewhere else to get my flowers. Do your jobs or get another job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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I agree with the comments below- I ordered proflowers one time and will never make that mistake again. The worst looking flowers for the price. Would have done better with weeds on the side of the road..


We're sorry you had problems with our online order process. Unfortunately, due to the staggering volume of orders we are preparing to send for the Mother's Day holiday, it is correct that after the 5th, we were unable to modify orders, and the disclaimer on the page before you could confirm the order would have been present.

This is because orders and shipping labels are being printed well in advance to avoid overload. And certainly, an order can transition out of a modifiable status earlier than that. However, while we cannot cancel the orders after that point, we will not refuse to have them stopped if possible. If you give me a call, I will look into it for you personally.

888-855-3486 -Steve

-Randy, I am sorry you ran into a similar problem. However, like I said above, the disclaimer is there to ensure our customers review their orders prior to submitting them, and chances are, yours had already been sent down for printing, even if it was only minutes old.


Placed an order and when reviewing it immediately after found the recipient name incorrect. Was told there where no changes being to late to correct a name. Will never do bussiness with again.

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