Alexandria, Virginia
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Thanks alot Proflowers for an additional fee that happened to sneak in at the end with a $15.00 discount on future purchases. I'm glad I check my bank statements are notice a debt on it that was/is associated with my flower order.

You just lost a customer.I will also contact the Steve Harvey Morning Show where they promoted this service and I picked up on it. Never again, in hard times you are having a company charge a monthly fee - for what.

I only wanted flowers and nothing else. At least the flowers made it to my mother on time.

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May 10th was My Mom's Birthday and MOther's day. I ordered her flowers early and for delivery on Saturday rather than Sunday, as I know that "things can happen". I didn't want ANYTHING to go wrong with this order. After all, at age 80 how many more REALLY special birthdays is she going to have.

I live in California and Mom in Massachusetts. Illness kept me away from flying out and from my bed I called through the morning. by early afternoon I called Proflowers. The customer service representative was attentive but could not assist me. The order had been rescheduled for Monday ! No reason...except, "we hire small companys in each area and maybe they only worked until 12:00p. The Rep apologized profusely and added, "What would you like us to do". I explained again, tearfully, what this meant to me and the response was definitive.

If anyone reads this...take heed DO NOT USE PROFLOWERS for anything of importance. the dissappointment is not worth it. I was only offered a refund when I asked for it. What a lack of sensitivity.


A family member sent us flowers from ProFlowers.

They arrived and were nice. However, when they came over to visit, they told us that the arrangement we got was smaller than what they paid for and not the same flowers. We would never have known if they didn't come for a visit that day.

They told ProFlowers who issued a refund, but I got to thinking; how many times does this happen when the recipient gets the wrong thing but doesnt know?


I ordered flowers for Mothers Day. They were guaranteed to be delivered by 5:00 on Mothers Day.

They took down my phone number in case there were any problems. At 5:00 on Mothers Day they hadn't come. I called Pro Flowers and was told their sister company Florist Express did not have anyone available to delivery these. I did not receive a phone call in regards to this.

I was then told my guaranteed Sunday delivery was now guaranteed for the following Tuesday.

Needless to say I cancelled my order. This was my first time using Pro Flowers and my last!!!!!


I too heard the 19.99 100 bloom deal and ordered it for mothers day, and it was 53 bucks. I paid EXTRA to have it delivered BEFORE 1pm the day BEFORE mothers day....well it shows up at 5pm on mothers day...when we werent planning on being home.



I just ordered mother's day flowers and the total was 52 bucks, the 100 blooms were supposed to be $19.99 and on-line it said that the promotion was accepted but when I clicked to the next page, they charged me full price. Now I am on hold and have been on hold with them for a while. Please stop the false ads.

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