Simi Valley, California

ProFlowers is the worst company ever!!!!! My husband just sent me an arrangement from them and I really wish he hadn't.

I'm actually really mad at him from wasting OUR money on such a pathetic looking arrangement. For starters they came in a box, I had to unwrap them, arrange them, throw most of the roses away because they were wilted and DEAD! An arrangement of a dozen roses is now 5 pretty pathetic looking roses, but not as bad as the other 7.

I then had to rinse the vase to put the ugliest, saddest roses I have ever seen. Thanks for ruining a nice gesture from my husband ProFlowers!

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Arrangement.

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Don't know why this comment didn't show up for us until now, but we are sorry that you had a bad experience with our flowers! That isn't typical, and we always strive to make it right as our flowers come with a seven day freshness guarantee. If you weren't able to get this resolved to your satisfaction already, please give me a call at 888-855-3486 -Steve




you are angry at the hubby for something he had no control over?! Women wonder why we fekin hate this day. :(

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