I will not be using Proflowers again as I have had another bad experience with them. This is the third time that I have had to call them to report that a rose bouquet that I had ordered for one of my daughters was wilted after two days.

This not acceptable. They offered to send a 'replacement' bouquet.....also not acceptable. When I use a company I expect good service the first time.....a replacement bouquet does not help. (Remember the old expression ..."You never get a second chance to make a first impression"....well, how pathetic is it that on three consecutive occasions, Proflowers sent unacceptable flowers !

I also received a wilted bouquet from the same company....called to explain that the delivery person had left the flowers at my mailbox....a quarter mile from our house....in the summer heat.

Though they did send me a replacement bouquet, they also sent an e-mail to my daughter who had sent the flowers to me advising her that they were sending the second bouquet. Of course this embarrassed both my daughter and me !

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This is the third time I have had roses delivered by Proflowers and the third time there has been a problem. The first time the roses were dead in two days.

I don't mean just wilted, I mean curled up DEAD!! The next time there were not as fresh as they should be and the third time my dozen red roses were only eleven and one was dead on arrival bringing the total down to ten and the greenery was dead in three days. The third time is the charm.

I have complained to Proflowers and have gotten no response. I will NOT use Proflowers again!

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #443984

We apologize for the poor experience toy had with our flowers. We work hard with our carriers to ensure that deliveries are timely and quality.

If the delivery was not brought to your house, we apologize and will make it right for you.

If you were unable to get this resolved to your satisfaction, please give me a call t 866-526-9426 and I'll make it right for you. -Steve

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