Dallas, Texas

The flowers/roses that were delivered from ProFlowers today (Saturday before Mother's Day) were hideous. I just looked at our bank account and he was charged almost $70 for multi colored brown tip, small bud roses.

No other greenery or foliage to go in the vase to fill it around the roses, just the tiny roses. He could have done better for $20 at the local grocery store or even Walmart. RIDICULOUS! He also told me that they claimed a 9.99 additional fee for Sat delivery and almost $15 charge for Sunday delivery - he chose Saturday delivery but said they charged him both delivery fees.

(?) There is no break down on the charge to our bank account so I do not know if this is accurate yet or not?

Who do we speak with to make a formal complaint? Jim and Amy Hiatt, Plano, TX

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

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We're sorry that you weren't pleased with your flowers! It is true that our flowers are delivered in a box.

We obtain our flowers directly from the growers to ensure maximum freshness. And while we understand that this method may not be preferable to all of our customers, it is what allows us to guarantee them for seven full days. As far as a Monday surcharge, that stems from the fact that because flowers cannot be shipped out on Sunday, they have to be shipped late on Saturday instead.

Regardless, if you were not pleased, we will make it right for you.

Give us a call at 888-855-3486. -Steve


My friend and I purchased 3 bouquets of flowers worth $255.00 for our mothers and mother-in-law. The bouquest were hideous to say the least.

They came in a box and my friend had to rush to put the flowers together before her mother-in-law saw it. She didn't even receive the right amount of roses and the lilies weren't even open. It was horrible. Once she told me, we spoke to our mothers and they also said the same that they had to put the floweres together.

When she went to see her mom's bouquet that she purchased, it was nothing like the picture on the website.

Lets not even talk about ALL THE ADDITIONAL FEES!!!!



It is accurate, I've seen it on people's bills. There is also an extra charge for Monday delivery.

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