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Last February valentines day I ordered flowers on line .during the order a pop up shoed it self stating I can save on shipping .I started to fill it out then realized it was for a contract over many months so I closed the pop up and Today I saw that a billing had been added to my card and for 5 months they have been milking (TAKING MONEY )out of my account no notices no e-mails no nothing I havd to check my balance onmy credit card and there it was THEY GOT ME TO PAY 80+ DOLLARS FOR nothing but a 72 dollar order .and Proflowers lets this company pop up just as if they were part of proflowers

PROFLOWERS HAS fraudulently accesed my account and since I didn't submit the form they toke on themselves to let a shipping company they allow on ProFlowers web site and FRADULANTLY take money out of my account for a purchase 6 months ago

Monetary Loss: $85.

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We apologize for any difficulty or disappointment you had with FreeShipping.com. However, any charges made on your account from them would be via account information you had submitted to them. The billing for those charges is handled entirely separate from our site. We understand that FreeShipping.com is not advantageous for all customers, however if they had your account information, it can only be because you had submitted the form before you closed the window. ProFlowers neither shares with, nor obtains from, account information with FreeShipping.com. They have always been a partner program, and we ensure that the Terms and Conditions for their service are clear and readily available before a customer can choose to take advantage of their services, or decline the offer.

However, we do cover problems with Freeshipping.com as part of our satisfaction guarantee and we will do everything we can to assist you with getting unsubscribed from their service. Please feel free to give me a call or email me and I will look into it for you personally.

Steve K


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