Atkinson, New Hampshire

I went to their web site to order a wine gift basket. At the top of their page it clearly stated 20% off any item of $39.99 or more. After giving them critical info credit card, dob, email, etc. I went to place the order and it asked for a promo code.

Guess code. I called Erica at 1.800.776.3569. She told me to go ahead and submit the order and she would then take 20% off that order number. It turns out she cannot do that, she cannot even cancel the order even thought this another part of their company. I asked to speak to her manager Michelle. 5 minutes later, Erica tells me her manager refused to speak to me.

She was very sorry, but I would have to call 1.800.692.1724 to cancel. They are closed for the weekend.

I called Citi Mastercard and closed this card out and will get a new one. I spoke with their fraud department and they are already under investigation for numerous complaints.

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So who do think is trustworthy in service and presentation of order?


Proflowers clearly states on the website before you select the item and on the checkout screen that a promo code is needed. Its not Proflowers fault that your dumb@ss tried to get the discount without the promo code.

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