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Interesting quote from the call center rep I just spoke to:

"... I don't work for you, I work for Proflowers." This quote says it all in my latest experience with this company.

I placed an order on their website. Paid an additional $14.99 for "Guaranteed Valentine's Day Delivery," received a confirmation email, the money was taken from my bank account, the website showed the order as placed... It never showed.

They said the order did not go through their system. Why would I get a confirmation and charge my credit card. I fulfilled my contract obligation and the onus was on them to deliver. The address was correct, my billing was correct, and everything in order. They said they tried to call me to fix the problem. What problem, I asked. I don't know, probably a problem with the credit card. Um, BS. The card was debit, there is enough to cover this transaction hundreds of times, and it posted to my account. Try again. What was the problem. They could not tell me. OK, if they called, you need to talk to the person who stated they called. They did not leave a voicemail, and there was no caller ID on the phone. Lie number 2. For the benefit of the doubt I said OK, computer problems happen, this was on your end, what can you do to make it right? Retake the order is the response. Wait, I fulfilled my end of the contract and you guaranteed delivery with an up-charge. So that guarantee has no merit? No, it was not in the system. Wait, it was in the system, with correct information, I can logon to the website and it says it was delivered. Lie #3. When I asked if I could talk to a supervisor, I was told I could not and one would call me. 24 hours no response. Called back and the nice lady Nicole read from a script constantly saying flowers are not that important, not everyone likes them. Besides the point, Nicole. I entered into a contract with your company that you charged me for and guaranteed me delivery, confirmed that with me and you are saying sorry. When I asked the nice lady Nicole for an employee ID or something to keep with my notes, is when she said she does not work for me and does not have to provide that information. The more I get into this, the more stories I hear about the poor dealings with this company.


I did not expect the world from this company, only what I ordered and for them to fulfill the contract with me and not lie to me over and over why they were unable and even trying to pass the blame back to me when I did everything they expected me to do to fulfill my end of the contract. Ordered, entered correct information, paid.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $104.

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jaynee h

ProFlowers apologizes for the Valentine's Day experience you had. Please call 866-526-9426 so we can discuss your order. Sallie

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