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Words alone cannot convey my absolute disgust with this company. I was trying to send flowers to my wife who is working in Russia.

It's in one of the largest cities there so there should be no problem, there a literally hundreds of flowers shops. I sent to the order a week in advance. Not only did they not get the flowers delivered on the day I specified, they told me they would take care of it on Monday after the weekend and provide her some chocolates and apologize. In order to get them to do this I had to call them two times and send e-mails.

Well now I just got another e-mail from them they told me the flowers will be there on Tuesday. Seven days late. It's really unclear if she will ever get her flowers. These people are not only incompetent; they purposely mislead me when they knew they couldn't get the flowers delivered.

They are totally unreliable and I hope anyone who reads this benefits from my experience.

Don't waste your money, use another company.

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Pekin, Indiana, United States #328976

Thanks France. What she didn't know is that the flowers were for a special occasion.

When they didn't deliver them on time it made me look bad because it appeared I had forgotten it. Then when I informed my wife the flowers were on thier way and they STILL didn't show up it was even worse.

Proflowers is a miserable company. How can you profess to be an international delivery company and have your product arrive over 7 days late?????


Tasha, shut the *** up. I see tons of your annoying comments on reviews, and someone needs to shove their foot up your *sshole.

Also, "You are just letting her user you."

Learn how to use proper grammar , you ignorant f*cking child.

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