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The site had a banner across the top of each page saying "20% off an order of $39 or more" yet when I checked out it did not give me the discount. I started over, double checked the banner, it said only "20% off of an order of $39 or more", no asterisk, nothing saying there were any strings attached. I entered all of the information all over again, and again did not get the discount.

I called proflowers and they said the item I had chosen and the other funeral flowers were not available through them, only at proflowers floristexpress, and that when I clicked on the item I wanted, I was redirected (without my knowledge) to their "sister site" and that the discount was not available through them. I asked how they could have the 20% banner on top of the page of funeral flowers if none of them were going to get the discount?

At this point I started to think this was intentional on their part and wondered how many people got stuck paying full price when the discount didn't work simply because they didn't have the time to enter all the funeral and other asst. information again elsewhere.

In the middle of all this a virtual live agent offered me a 15% discount, which was ridiculous when the site said 20% off. Later they sent an email offering the 20% off they originally promised. Even if I hadn't already ordered elsewhere, I would have said "NO THANKS." Shop at this site at your own risk, it is riddled with strategies to charge people more than they are expecting to pay, offer a partial discount once you see you were not given one, and only give the published discount once you figure out their ridiculous ploy.

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I tried to order the Succulent Garden plant, but when I was ready to pay, I received:

"Oops... the item you selected is temporarily unavailable.

But we've got other perfect gifts that are in stock and ready to ship!"

Hmmm, I decided to move the delivery date out a month and received the same Oops... I decided to order the Succuent Trio - which is three of the plants and surprise, surprise - no Oops - the Succulent Garden is in stock.

I am not happy with these people and will let Mark Levin know that he is dealing with a bunch of dishonorable people. I know Mark well enough that he will not want his name associated with this company.

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #361874

I apologize for the frustration with our website. Please contact me at 888-855-3486 for of we can research this. I look forward to hearing from you.

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