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My sister and I decided to purchase flowers for my for Mom for Valentine's Day. My sister had different company already in mind.

"But shame on me", I talked her into purchasing from I was impressed with their website and the so-called beauty of their flowers "online"!!! Also I told my fiance who is away out of state about Proflowers, because I saw some beautiful images "online" that I wanted for myself, (just trying to throw him a hint) (lol) Are y'all ready for this, well today February 14th 2013 @ 1340 I received a bam on door "not a knock" but a bam, as though delivery guy kicked my door once, "once y'all" I opened my door, no one was there. I looked to the ground and there was a over-sized "shoe-box" with proflowers labeled on "the ground".

As I looked down the stairs, the UPS guy was running down the stairs & threw up one hand. Mind you he only knocked rather "kicked my door once", and left. I opened my door immediately, as soon as I heard the kick. I guess he didn't have time to wait.

I opened my over-sized shoe-box & there was Valentine gift all squeezed, crammed, unassembled in the shoe box!!! Thank GOD I wasn't at work, "total embarrassment!! I guess working third shift has its benefits!!! I was angry, very angry, heart-broken!!!

I knew my fiance had put some thought & money into this gift!! He ordered me the 6 in 1 deal with Red Roses!!! I didn't want to complain to him, didn't want to hurt his feelings. These idiots should know whenever you send someone a gift, "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE APPEARANCE"!

Especially on Valentine's Day!! *** this could break up/destroy someone's relationship!! Especially if a guy was trying to impress someone he was trying to get to know!!! Back to my mother - My Mom works for the Attorney General's Office, and her flowers were delivered in a "over sized shoe box also"!!!

So embarrassed!! My sweet, beautiful,sophisticated, classy, loving Mom, had to unwrap her flowers & assemble them at her job!!! I'm so ashamed, I even told my brother to order from Proflowers for his fiance. She received her shoe-box at work also.

ALSO BE AWARE OF THE HIDDEN DELIVERY FEES!!! They charge standard $12.99, handling $2.99 and guaranteed valentine fee $4.99. You pay all this for an "OVER-SIZED SHOE BOX!!! The flowers are nothing like the fraud pictures posted online!!!

NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!! I'll stick to the old fashion way & order locally!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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