Fair Oaks, California

I placed an order for flowers costing $19.99 and it turns out to be over $50??

I was told that I would get a vase for $6.99 and they charge me $12.99 - $3.00?? and since when do you have to pay extra for a vase? other sites are much better and don't try to hide their prices in the small print, they tell you up front how much you flowers will cost.

This is a ridiculous site and its a rip off!! I would not waste you time ordering through ProFlowers.com you money is better spent somewhere else.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Anaheim, California, United States #1260036

I made 4 orders paid $50.00 for beautiful flowers on their advertising page. 1 order arrived was about $10.00 bouquet of flowers looked nothing like what I paid for.

The second was delivered to an address the doesn't even exist.

I'm scared what gojng to happen on the other 2...customer service was nice but I wanted those beautiful flowers not a refund...its Christmas and they are gifts!! very disappointing!!


If you have not yet received a resolution regarding this issue, please reach out to us at socialcs@sm.proflowers.com & we will work to make this right for you.

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