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I placed an order with Proflowers.com.

The arrangement actually was quite nice. (Of course they were - they charged me $72 for that $49 arrangement!)

But not only did the automatically subscribe me to their spam server, they've apparently sold my contact info to other companies. I've unsubscribed multiple times already with no effect.

Product purchased: 'Always & Forever' which turned out to be beautiful.

Date of order: 10/25/2011.

People involved: None. This was an online transaction.

I will never use them again.

I'll also check this site first in the future.

(Thank you for reading.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Arrangement.

Monetary Loss: $72.

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Yep same here. I requested all my personal info that I have on record about myself from LexusNexus. My Purchase Activity Record show a purchase that I cross-referenced via the date and amount and sure enough ProFlowers sold my info to a company called Ibehavior Inc, who in turn sold it to LexusNexus.


Same exact thing happened to me. I own a domain and use if for email, so I can make as many unique emails and they all forward them to me (costco@mybusiness, proflowers@mybusiness, etc.) So I'm completely certain that proflowers sold my info, not to some harmless company, but to a credit card scammer's database.

I keep on receiving email from random addresses posing as costco, and target. The emails read: We couldn't process your recent order, please re-submit your credit card info. MY F@#%ING CREDIT CARD INFO??! I will never use proflowers and I will have quite the fun next few days trashing thier company on websites like this.

If I were a dumber man, they'd have my money. :(


I use a different email address for every site. This way, i can tell who sells or 'lost' my info. on Feb 15, 2012, i received email at the address i use for proflowers from companyoffices7j@aol.com informing me that my email address won something in some spanish lotto program.

Either my address was sold or it was compromised.

BTW - Thank you, CitiCards for allowing me to use virtual credit card numbers! I know my credit card info is safe.



Hi Sweetie,

No, of course I don't read all of the spam that shows up in my mailbox. Do you?! Furthermore, did YOU read the spam in MY inbox? You claim to know what it said. That, or you work in the proflowers spam department.

Look, whether they sold my address or gave it away is irrelevant. The result is the same: Spam. Heck, if they make some money selling out their customers then maybe they could lower those crazy prices.


Did you even read the e-mails you're receiving? It shows that you didn't.

But if you had you would know that Proflowers didn't sell your email address, the emails you're receiving are from their sister websites.

All these websites are all comprised under the same company. So they did nothing wrong, you're just a ***.

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