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I ordered the 100 Blooms of Love special: $39.99 gets you 25 lillies (4 blooms per stem), a small teddy bear, a small thing of chocolates, and a bottle of bubble bath (spa treatment). I ordered them on Feb 7, a week in advance. Here was my experience Pro's and ***'s:


The price was $39.99, then add $9.99 for shipping (by UPS with the flowers delivered in a box), then another $4.99 for Valentines Day delivery, then $7.99 for a vase (not included), then sales tax. My total was $65 (I talked them into giving me a free vase).

When the flowers arrived, my wife was pleased about the gesture, but she sends me a pic. EVERY flower is wilting and have yet to bloom. The Orange and Yellow lillies have a brown, dying shade to them. It looked like wild flowers my daughter had picked 3 days ago.


The delivery was on time and the ordering process was very convenient.

Customer Service did a good job handling my call (excluding the wait time) and offered me a $30 dollar refund. That was MOST of the cost of my order, minus the delivery charge. I accepted the $30 and they gave me a 20% discount on my next order.

To sum it up, my only problem was the condition of the flowers and the hidden fees associated with delivery.

4 out of 10 stars.

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It costs just as much to ship as your flowers! Buy from a local florist to get your money's worth

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #431689

MarzMiller, I apologize for your experience. We have a 7 day freshness guarantee.

If your flowers do not last through our guarantee please contact us so that we can make this right.

We can be reached at 888-855-3486. Luke

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