Lincoln, California
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CSRs have no authority and can not even send a simple manual email to confirm an order. The last and final time I called they had no manager around to help them.

They are left with "tell the customer a manager will call them back" That is what is in their manual. First CSR couldn't do a cancellation- she said "let me have a manager call you back." Second CSR fell apart and transferred me to her manager who in turn had to call us back and never did. Third CSR, changed the incorrect email address to the new one, but I never got an email confirmation. Fourth CSR said she couldn't change the email address and coulnd't send a manual email confirmation with my order.

She read the manual out loud and it told her to tell me that a manager would call me back. She said there were no supervisors or managers on the floor with them today.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Plant.

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We do apologize that we were unable to send out those emails immediately. Our system automatically sends confirmation emails when an order is placed, and we do have a team that sends out additional confirmation requests.

If you would like to call me at 888-855-3486 I can expedite your request. -Amy

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