ProFlowers did not deliver the centerpiece for my mother's 83rd birthday in time for the party. When I wrote back and told them to cancel the order because they said that it was already in process and there was nothing they could do.

I find this appalling. I placed the order five days in advance. I wanted the centerpiece fresh, so I scheduled delivery the day BEFORE the party, which was yesterday. Now they tell me that they will deliver on March 5--way too late.

I won't order from them or their related companies again. I wish I had known this site existed before I ordered from them and I could have saved myself a lot of embarrassment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

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I have been a regular customer of ProFlowers for several years now,and have been very happy with most of my purchases, but if they choose to drop Rush Limbaugh's program as a sponsor because of the words he used last week on his show to describe a "plant" in the democrat party, I also make a decision to drop them for being so political. There is much more hate on the other side of the fence.

Rush has apologized.

ProFlowers should apologize to Rush for their hasty judgement and BIG MISTAKE. I can buy flowers from many others.

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #442607

We're sorry for the bad experience you had! We stand by all of our orders, and if what you ordered did not arrive on time, we will make it right for you.

You should not have been told there was nothing we could do for you; that isn't acceptable and not how we train our agents to handle customer concerns.

Please give me a call and I'll make it right for you. I can be reached at 866-526-9426 -Steve

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