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I ordered flowers from Proflowers Feb. 2 for hand delivery to my husband at his job on Valentine's Day.

I paid extra to have the flowers delivered before noon. Not only did the flowers not arrive before noon, they did not arrive at all. They didn't arrive until afternoon, the next day. When I called the next day for a full refund, I was told they would only refund the "before noon" charge.

When I balked, they said they would only refund 10% (that was only $6), when I balked further they said they would only refund 15% and that was the best they could do (that was about $9.) When I pointed out that the whole point is delivery on Valentine's Day, and then specifically asked what she herself would demand, and what the local florist would demand if this happened to them, did they say they would give me a full refund. My husband just had to "decline" the flowers whenever they arrived. My husband did reject them when they finally arrived. When I showed him the picture that night of what they should have looked like, he said they didn't look anything like the picture.

There was no greenery -- only the "sad" flowers, obviously already a day old -- and the vase was different and much smaller than depicted. When I asked Proflowers the name of the local florist, to make sure I didn't order from them personally, they refused to tell me.

I did get my full refund, though. However; I will never use Proflowers again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Delivery Service.

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We apologize for the poor customer service your received for your ProFlowers Florist Express order. That's not acceptable and not how our agents are trained.

And we're sorry that the local florist we contracted to hand deliver your order didn't fulfil their part of the bargain. There are certain stipulations of the contracts that we have with our florists, and we have to honor those, but rest assured we keep careful track of problems and complaints regarding our orders in order to best evaluate which shops we use in various locales so your negative feedback will not go undocumented.

However, you should not have felt like you had to fight for a refund on a product that was not delivered as ordered. We value our customers and strive to make sure they, like you said, feel like they are treated the way we would want to be treated if we were in their position.

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