Frederick, Maryland
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This is amazing. For the 3rd year in a row, Proflowers does not deliver my flowers on time or at all. Last year (2009), I called after paying a special rate to get a delivery by a certain date and the florist showed up to my doorstep at 9pm on the day of the event....only after I had called customer service almost a dozen times to ask where my flowers were. Was any coupon or free shipping on your next order offered? No! Just that they - Proflowers - had no control over the local florists...then why are you doing business with them?

This year (2010), I ordered flowers on feb 8th on behalf of my children for their mothers birthday 5 business days ahead of the date(feb 13th) . On the agreed delivery day, while sitting at home, I get an e-mail stating that the flowers had just been delivered. I go to the front door to check if they were lefy on the flowers. I call proflowers and I'm told they still have until the end of the day to deliver and that UPS mixed up tracking numbers, so my tracking number is incorrect. Ok, please let me have the right tracking number, to which the agent replies that they do not have it and have absolutely no idea what my order status is, but they can confirm that the money has been deducted from my credit card.

I called again late that night (feb 12th), still no news, just the same information. I am told that maybe they will get delivered the next day. That didn't happen and it is now Feb 16th, no call to explain, offer a refund, offer flowers, nothing. I have just called and the best that could be done was to be told that I can can get a refund, after 5 business days. Did it take 5 business days to take it out of my account and hold it for over 2 weeks without rendering any service whatsover? No!

I assumed the first years was an accident that can happen to anyone, the 2nd year was annoying, but I kept faith....every business has troubles, but 3 years in a row. I will be reporting to the Better business bureau for what its worth and the will sign up to a website thats collecting information from disatisfied Proflowers ex-customers in a bid to sign up enough people to get the media to make a story out of it on the news. This is terrible management. If the florists cannot fill the orders, why have them as your reps.


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Use a LOCAL florist for all your future orders. They will give you better service better flowers and you are supporting your local economy.

No Brainer here....don't use ProFlowers again. If there deal sounds to good to be true...IT IS !

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