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Update by user Apr 20, 2012

I made a mistake - it was supposed to be a Premium size, not a Deluxe size. I\'m so pissed about all of this, I can hardly see straight.

Original review posted by user Apr 20, 2012

Ordered a deluxe basket of plants w/ Dad banner for our family for my FIL's funeral. Got crazy looking glass container of plants - not a deluxe size at all.

It had Dad banner w/ mardi-gras looking bird in a nest attached. Did not resemble picture whatsoever and I HATE birds and would have never ordered it. This looked like something to be delivered for a birthday, not a funeral. Sent a 2nd order for a small basket of plants with a banner that said POP from me and my SIL.

The deluxe size of 1st order was same size as the basket in 2nd order, which was small. No banner - a plaid Easter-colored bow instead. Called the next day and was told to send pictures. They would call back in an hour.

No follow up. I've been dealing with post-funeral issues and out-of-town since. Called today and am inform no pic were ever sent. I discover it is still in my Outbox on my phone and sent.

Lady verified that both pics arrived and I would be called back in an hour. No call but got an email several hrs later offering 25% refund on one and 20% plus $5 on the other for missing banner. Wrote them back saying it was unacceptable because of their 100% guarantee. A guy calls me a few hours later and was a complete ***.

He tells me I need to return the plants for a 100% refund and gave me excuse after excuse. I ask to speak to supervisor and he keeps going. This was for my father-in-law's funeral. My husband does not want to give up the plants that were at his father's funeral.

How heartless! Ask to speak to supervisor, guy has a MAJOR chip on his shoulder - tells me he already has heard first guy's version. Told him my side and he started making excuses - said 50% is all he will offer and nobody above him will even give me that. I asked why they didn't follow up when they didn't receive pics and he said that how did they know I didn't like the arrangement.

I called to complain minutes before, that's how. I asked why I did not receive a call today like I was supposed to. He said that was their oversight. I ask for his supervisor and he tells me nobody is over him.

I challenge it and he gives me first and last name for supervisor tomorrow. I asked if that was his supervisor and he said it was. When I asked for guy before him, I got first name and initial, yet would only give me first name and last initial for everyone including the President of the Company. He told me the absolute only way to reach anyone was the 800 number.

I've owned and worked for many companies and have had some trouble with them in the past, but to be brushed off and treated the way they did for an emotional event such as a funeral is deplorable.

NEVER NEVER will I use them again and to ask my husband, who is an emotional basket case over this, to return the plants from his father's funeral is unspeakable. SHAME ON YOU, ProFlowers!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Arrangement.

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We sincerely apologize for your overall experience with our sister company, ProFlowers-Florist Express. I will assure to forward on your comments to our Florist Express management team to assure that the company is aware of our activity on this site. Thank you for bringing this information to our immediate attention. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

Corinne B.
Social Media Team

4840 Eastgate Mall
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 888.855.3486
Email: :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh

After speaking to Steve, who was more than accommodating, I have received 2 calls from Florist Express trying to get me to accept 100% on one order and 50% on another. Then told me that he has never heard of any forum monitoring their complaints and he has been there for several years.

He also said that everything is within their building and that nobody outside of that building would be able to assist me. He kept insisting that I handle it at his level and put me on hold to check with someone else. Insisted they have a secure site and someone from the outside could not have access to it. He was completely puzzled as to how Steve had access to my orders.

After speaking to someone else, he told me that his offer was the best he could get me. It seemed like I kept being bounced to supervisors, instead of being sent up the chain to people's actual supervisors.

He told me that I am placing blind trust in "this Steve guy" and that he could not do anything for me. I just explained to him that since I felt I was spending my energy and time having to argue with him, I felt I would place my trust in Steve and see where it went.


I'm sorry to hear that you had so much trouble with our Florist Express service esh1962. We do honor our 100% satisfaction guarantees, and I apologize that you were treated that way.

Please give me a call and I'll look into this for you. 888-855-3486 -Steve

I forgot to add that one of the arrangements was sent to the last name of Snitch instead of Smith. I am sure they have an excuse for that as well! :(

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