Had a horrible experience with proflowers.com today concerning the passing of my personal information to one (or possibly more) of their partners. Read ProFlowers.com's privacy statement: they are now passing privacy information to partners such as Easy Saver Rewards including, name, address, phone, and credit card info.

This occurred when I clicked on a button to get fifteen dollars off my next purchase.

That button brought me to a page that said welcome to Easy Saver Rewards. Easy Saver Rewards (easysaverrewards.com) promptly charged me a 'nominal fee' for joining their club.

Long time customer jumping ship - thanks but no thanks.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Bought flowers for wife.Did not knowingly join up for anything else. EZ savers started charging my credit card 14.95 monthly.

I just caught it 8 month's later. What the heck????

No more pro -flowers.I want my money back. They are theifs.

Wheeling, West Virginia, United States #11454
After paying $150 For flowers
clicked on a Get $10 of next order
Now My credit cards is being charger fo some garbage "Easy Saver Club" This will be my last ime buying from Pro Flowers
for that silly stunt you have lost a lifetime customer. :(

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