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This also happened to me and because of this website I was able to call ProFlowers and cancel. When speaking with a ProFlowers rep I acknowledged the fact that ProFlowers is a reputable company so why would they be associated with something like this and how could they just link over my personal credit card information.

She explained that by entering in my email address and zip code that authorized my information and signed me up. I explained that I had noticed a website with complaints and why would they allow themselves to be connected to this company and their only reply was that they didn’t have enough complaints to no longer have association with EasySaver Rewards but told me that I had two options. To contact EasySaver Rewards or have them do it.

So, I had ProFlowers do the extra work and the next day I received a phone call from them saying that they had cancelled it. Thank you to all of you that posted because if I had not done a search I would have never known and would have ended up with the same charges.

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Don't give ProFlowers too much credit. They will cancel the membership but not refund your money.

If ProFlowers was behaving like a reputable company they wouldn't be giving our credit card numbers to a third party in the first place. They would also disclose you'll be charged monthly fees for giving your email to them. Thats absurd. Here's my email that gives your company license to scam me for buying flowers.

Don't even deal with them at all. I give my email out all the time and don't get ripped off for it.

ProFlowers will scam your credit card and make it sounfd legitimate. Buyer beware.

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