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I hope that all others that have been robbed by these companies will stop using Proflowers and hopefully they will feel the backlash of their unscrupulous ways of acquiring our money. Proflowers does not deserve to be in business !

Not only will I not use Proflowers but I will never send flowers by mail again. I hope that all florists will read this and try to stop companies like Proflowers from abusing their customers.

The banks should also get involved because their time has also been abused when having to search for these false credit card payments. EZSVER RW and CMG FREESHIPPING.COMWETHERSFIELD should also be brought to court for their

dishonest practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

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The way to go about this, and I have worked for the Freeshipping.com company, is to call their customer service number, provide your last name and zip code so the agent can lookup your account, and tell them you will be filing a complaine with the BBB and filing a dispute with your bank. These are their "magic words" where they will FULLY REFUND YOU.

You should then request a complete refund of every charge they ever made to your card and they will send a "ticket" to the people in Wethersfield, and they will completely refund you! Good luck!


so does anyone have an idea of how to stop this madness.

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