Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

This crummy company offered a coupon while completing an order on They apparently were able to get my account number via ProFlowers website.

I have been charged 3 times without my authoritization. I think it is pretty poor of ProFlowers to be affiliated/endorsing this horrible scam! I am in the process of contacting as well as track down this company to straighten out this entire mess.

I would think companies would not associate themselves with other companies such as this Easy Saver Rewards. Then to find out that the rewards company only gives 20% off of the regular price of items even confirms their goals...SCAM..SCAM...SCAM!

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Coupon.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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DO NOT EVER EVER EVER WASTE YOUR MONEY BUYING FROM PROFLOWERS.COM!!!!! They sold a pathetic 2 dozen red roses bouquet to my husband for Valentine's Day for me.

I received them on Friday and Tuesday (today), half of them are dead. They arrived in a box, I had to arrange them myself, the leaves were torn up from thorn scratches, no baby's breath or ANY kind of filler, the roses were the smallest roses I've seen in my life.

And their solution is to give him credit to buy another pathetic bouquet from them. They will not credit his money back despite their "satisfaction guarnatee." I am absolutely disgusted.


They did it to me too and I just discovered it this week on my credit card statement. $14.95/month for 5 months they've been charging me.

I called and escalated the matter until they agreed to reimburse me for the charges. DO NOT USE PROFLOWERS!!!!!!

There are more than enough honest, qualified online flower retailers to use who WON'T abuse their customers as this company has. It's a sneaky, unethical scheme they pull on us like this.


Hi Margaret. Your affiliation with Easy Saver Rewards is costing you money.

You hand out $15 and get some bad will in return. Oh wait, actually you own Easy Saver and are benefiting from the scam.


It's a deceptive and malicious practice but after researching Proflowers it seems this is nothing new to them. Nor are class action law suits.


I thought ProFlower's response was hog wash... stating that the terms and conditions are validated by users is like saying consumers wwhom buy flowers have to read print in less than 9 pt.

and understand legalese in order to accomplish ordering of flowers.

Margaret's letter is a shameless excuse to allow the exchange of financial information to third part "rewards" organizations is nothing short of stating "Buyer Beware." I will curtail any purchases from Proflower's for their poor choice and selection of EZSVR and now for Margarets silly response to consumer complaints and the companies hiding behind small print legalese that has no business being part of a financial transaction to send flowers to Mom. Shame on you and your company Margaret!


As an employee of ProFlowers, I thought I would take the opportunity to try to clarify our Easy Saver program and the enrollment process. After a customer makes a purchase on our site, we offer them the opportunity to sign up with Easy Saver Rewards, a partner program which offers our customers a multitude of discounts and services. As an incentive to try the program, we offer customers a $15 gift code which can be used on our site.

In order to sign up for the program and receive the coupon, the customer needs to enter their email address and zip code to confirm their acceptance of the terms and conditions. Within the terms directly to the left of the "accept" button are clearly stated, both the enrollment process and the charge of the program. We always encourage our customers to provide feedback on making this process clearer as our goals are not to have customers entered in a program that they do not wish to be in. Cancelling is very simple; customers can call 1-800-355-1837 if they no longer wish to be part of the service.

ProFlowers takes our customers and their concerns very seriously. We hope that customers reading this email will understand that we are not acting in a malicious manner in which these posts reflect.

Thank you.

Margaret Klimen


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