Golden City, Missouri

Just bought Valentine's Day bouquet for my sweetheart. The advertised $29.99 turned into almost $48.00 after I checked out, due to adders for delivery, card, etc., that were not clearly spelled out prior to order.

Very disappointed in this company.The order was for two dozen roses in a "free" ruby vase. Yeah, right. These flowers better be very special, or I will seek some sort of compensation from this shady outfit. I'm not a *** consumer.

Their website ordering process is misleading. Period.

BEWARE extra fees!!! Don't use them if you want a clear process for ordering.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Bouquet.

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Jimbo, you are wrong. The $14 flat rate you describe from another website is the "hidden" charges.

They are hidden under the name "flat rate". At least proflowers tells you what the charges are for. And you are welcome to use the other service.

Funny how you didn't before. Wonder why that is.


So did you think delivery was free or something??? And they certainly DO display the full cost BEFORE you finalize checkout.

You failed, and everyone who complains about a flower delivery service fails.

Every time. Guaranteed.


I agree. Their surcharges are much worse than their competitors.

What the *** is a "guaranteed delivery charge"?

Isn't that why you charge for delivery? I don't see pizza places charge for "guaranteed delivery."


We attempt to make all charges as clear as possible by itemizing them on the review your order page before your order is confirmed or charged. If you have any questions about the charges please contact us at 888-855-3486 and we will be more than happy to explain the service behind each charge. Luke


I clicked on their $19.99 with free vase ad and total with Monday delivery $14.99, Before noon delivery $4.99, and regular delivery$9.99 with a $2.99 "Care and Handling" fee! and free vase $7.99 for a total of $31 for UP CHARGES.

Total for $19.99 roses and vase and delivery $74.64!!! WTF?

1-800-Flowers does all this for one flat $14 delivery fee (no unscrupulous hidden up charges.


ProFlowers will scam you hard on the "shipping, guaranteed shipping, care & handling" fees ... WTF? It cost more to deliver them than the flowers themselves?


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