Livonia, Michigan

I am a local flower shop in Ann Arbor. A few months ago, I learned that Proflowers had hacked into my web-site on Google and changed my telephone # to theirs, so anyone attempting to contact me would reach Proflowers instead. It cost me over $100 to have this corrected.

Today, only a few months later, I learned that Proflowers has taken my name, University Flower Shop and added it to the front of their name, Proflowers, and paid Google to place their listing first on the page to appears when "University Flower Shop Ann Arbor" or "University Flower Shop" is typed into the Google Search area. Most potential customers won't think to scan down the page to find the actual University Flower Shop link. They will assume that the first listing is correct, and ultimately will end up on the Proflowers web-site.

I'm told that I have no recourse since they paid to have their new name, "University Flower Shop / Proflowers" listed at the top of the page.

There should be a law against doing something like this. Shame on them. I hope no one does business with such a corrupt company. In addition, their stale, poor quality flowers, and poor customer service can't compare with what a consumer would get at a local florist.

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I am aware of what a PPC is, and forwarding a company's telephone # to your own business is not a PPC. Also, the placement of the ad isn't the issue.

It's the fact that they took the exact company name as a prefix of their own, which means that every single customer who Googles the name University Flowers Ann Arbor, or University Flower Shop Ann Arbor, will automatically be taken to Pro-Flowers as a default. Someone would have to be savvy enough to realize this is happening and continue their search for UFS's actual web-site.


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i think that is a PPC as and they are likely broad match bidding on flower shop, not your particular location. Might suit you well to learn a bit more about PPC.

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