I scanned my credit card history and saw that I've spent $4,280 at Proflowers in the last 5 years. But because they have dropped sponsorship of Rush Limbaugh I will not spend another dime on their service until I hear an advertisement for their services on his show.

I'm voting with my money. I will be using FTD in the future for my flower purchases.

I've also cancelled my Carbonite service and will not be buying a sleep number bed as planned this year. I will probably spend the money budgeted for it on a loyal Rush Limbaugh sponsor.

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Shari Berries is affiliated with ProFlowers so I will not be buying either from now on. That means they just lost about $400.00/year from me.


Apparently you did not listen to the press conference Ms Pelosi staged with Ms Fluke. During the interview Sandra Fluke made her demands for free merchandise very clear.

Liberal activists want everything provided at no cost to them. So if Proflowers is looking for an influx of paid orders from that crowd, they are in for a real surprise. These people do not know how to pay their own way. They prefer to take everything from others.

Rush's listeners on the other hand, are happy to pay and support commerce. I will be supporting 1-800 flowers for my future floral needs. Your future may not be so bright.

Check out the 12% drop in Carbonite stock after their boneheaded decision. It was 9.5% greater than the NASDAQ drop.


I will never use you again. Check Please!


My husband has purchased flowers for me from Pro Flowers for the past several years. Because you have defended the indefensible and stifled conservative freedom of speech, I have asked my husband to no longer do business with you.


I agree PRO FLOWERS will not get another $$ from me. Rush you don't need them!

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