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There is a REASON that 1-800FLowers has better reviews than Proflowers! sorry but I have to complain. I wanted to SIMPLY buy flowers that were $29.99. Why in the WORLD is my grand total $81.91?!!!!!!! I decided not to purchase and therefore they have lost my business as well as I am sure NUMEROUS others due to their pricing. Why in the WORLD are there 2 delivery fees?!!! One standard one and one for Saturday? I can understand one delivery fee depending on which day of the week it is but two?? I canceled my order and will never order with them again. Here is a summary of what I was about to order before I changed my mind. Absolutely ridiculous. If anyone walked up to a counter wanting to buy $29 flowers with a $9 vase and their total was $81 they would walk out of the store!!!

Order Total

One Dozen Vibrant Birthday Roses: $29.99

Glass Ginger Vase: $9.99

Standard Delivery $14.99

Delivery Rebate

Click Here

Saturday Delivery $19.98

Care & Handling $2.99

Tax: $3.97

TOTAL: $81.91

I went to 1800Flowers website and chose flowers that were even more expensive, but yet my grand total was STILL over $30 cheaper than Proflowers pricing and ridiculous amount!

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Because UPS charges extra to deliver on weekends, thats why.


I can certainly understand taking your business to 1800 Flowers, but regarding the delivery fee that is set by the delivery agent. UPS I know charges a separate fee to deliver on Saturdays which is on top of the normal delivery fee, $23.

FedEx charges $16. Anytime you want Saturday delivery expect to pay more.


Yes it's true FedEx will charge more for 2 day shipping which is their standard shipping for flowers delivered in a cardboard box. And they will charge extra for Saturday delivery.

But it's not the rates posted. It might be if we packed up some flowers from our garden and sent to a friend via 2 day shipping on Saturday. But a big company like Pro-flowers has a pre-arranged discount for shipping that many boxes.

They probably pocket half if not more of what they charge for delivery.

That's how they make up for the ridiculous prices you hear advertised for roses. Here they also charged $9.99 for a ginger vase that costs $1.50 probably less for them. What is care and handling? Shouldn't that be free?

Without all the extras they wouldn't have hit the billion dollar a year mark just selling $19.99 and $29.99 roses and the founder and CEO would have exited with 550 million in his pocket. Flowers $29.99 al other charges over $50

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