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Ok I'm the latest pissed customer for Proflowers! I ordered flowers yesterday and clearly saw that the bill should have been $52.98 when i got the receipt I was billed $62.59 A difference of $9.61 in hidden added fees!

I went to the site and recreated the order and the same price $52.98 came up before I was supposed to hit submit!

i called them immediately and told them I want this additional amount off my order or I filing a compliant with the attorney generals office and that there is complaints for Proflowers all over the internet that they do this regularly and the attorney generals office would be very interested!! They refunded difference!!

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Standard Delivery:$9.99

Guaranteed Valentine's Day Delivery:$9.99

These two fees are tacked on at the very end of the process and nowhere are they even alluded to until you get to the confirmation page (which has FOUR buttons to confirm and ZERO buttons to change your order!). The shipping cost during my order was $6.99. Why did it change?

This is blatant hiding of unnecessary fees and I ended up deleting my order from my cart. I'll stick with 1-800-flowers or just use that money to take my wife out to a nice dinner. Horrible business practice.


Hidden fee when I clicked checkout it said 42.96 total when i got the confirmation email they added an extra 9.99 that was not listed at checkout

20 Sweetheart Tulips with Ruby Vase and Chocolates Qty: 1 $29.98

w/Rocky Mountain Chocolates$0.00

w/Elegant Ruby $0.00

Sub-total: $29.98

Standard Delivery:$9.99

Guaranteed Valentine's Day Delivery:$9.99

Care & Handling:$2.99

Order Sub-total:$52.95


Order total:$52.95

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #383931

Jill, I apologize for the frustration with our website. Please contact me at 888-855-3486 for further assistance. I look forward to hearing from you.

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