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I purchased what I thought was a "beautiful" bouquet of flowers for my mother in law as a Mother's Day gift. They arrived today and I was literally heartbroken that ProFlowers allowed such an item to be given to a mother for Mothers Day - the flowers/arrangement wasn't cheap by any means...

Would you give this to your mother for Mother's Day??? The latest email I received from my mother in law was that the middle flowers were completely dead.

RUN DON'T WALK away from ProFlowers - complete and utter embarrassment. Their only saving grace is that they refunded my money no questions asked - however that doesn't compensate for the embarrassment they caused.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Bouquet.

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Hopefully, they followed through with your replacement order. They promised to replace my order at no charge and here it is Tues and they did nothing. I seriously doubt they ever even intended to either fill the order the first time, nor to replace it.

Summers R

I love this site, because there are people who relate to my issues as well, thank you "Pissed Consumer!" :grin

Summers R

Usually when you receive bad flowers from a flower company, 1-800-flowers, Proflowers, FTD, they will send another order your way. My daughter sent flowers fro FTD today and there were next to dead flowers, I called and I will be receiving more flowers on Tuesday.

I will not tell my daughter because I don't want her to be pissed off all the way in Brazil, it's not worth it. The ones listed are the ones I've had issues with, but, redeemed themselves by replacing my order for free :) This makes them customer friendly, and for that, they make me happy.


I just ordered a $29.99 arrangement came with the green vase, for my Mother-In-Law for Mother'sDay! Do not remember what it was called, but she ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT.


I totally agree, complete *** and embarrassing. I'll stick with ftd next time, they were nice.

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