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I saw the $39 dozen-roses ad, but before I ordered I called to make sure the flowers were NOT being sent in a box. I was out of town, and had no choice but to go online.

I called to make sure I was getting HAND DELIVERED FLOWERS, but I was lied to! The woman assured me a local florest would be delivering the roses. After I spent over $100 to get TWO DOZEN ROSES, I got nothing but a freaking FedEx BOX of flowers. Who wants to spend $100 and walk into a room and see a FREAKING BOX!?

How exciting is that? Tenth year aniversary and I send my lovely wife a FREAKING FEDEX BOX!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Arrangement.

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I knew my husband was sending me flowers for Valentine's Day. I really didn't want him to spend the money, about $70.00, but......

Anyway my flowers arrived at my work a UPS box. Not really what I was expecting. I had to unwrap, flick the green glop off the end, go to the ladies room and rinse the remaining green glop off the stems, come back to my desk and cut the stems about an inch, fill the vase with water and I might as well work at a florist!

Not to sound unappreciative, but I wish he would have just gone to Giant a picked up a dozen just as nice for $10. Bottom line guys...DON'T use ProFlowers whether trying to impress or get a good won't get either!!

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