I've ordered flowers through Proflowers.com a few times before and been satisfied, but today I'm down to the wire for Mother's Day and when I finished my order I realized what the shipping fees broke down to...

$9.99 for standard delivery

$4.99 for guaranteed delivery on the day I chose

$2.99 for Care and Handling

Now come on! If you ask me what day I would like it delivered and I respond, then I'm assuming we have a verbal agreement for you to delivery on or before that date, not to charge me in order to guarantee that you'll delivery by it. Otherwise, why ask?????? Also, Care and Handling - what a bunch of @#$%^&*&*&*! If you are in the flower business then you are in the care and handling business! I won't be ordering from Proflowers.com again - what a shipping and fees rip off!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

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AVOID THIS COMPANY! what a shipping and fees rip off!!!

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #300327

I am sorry for your experience with ProFlowers. I would like to look into this for you.

Please call 866-526-9426. Sallie


Please support your local florist, you will get quality and care without the extra fees. Sure most local florist don't offer Roses for 19.99 around the holidays however our prices in the end are all around the same.


Thank you for saving me a lot of grief and time. I am going to support my local florist and get the satisfaction of delivering myself.


I went to Proflowers after hearing a radio ad about how you could get flowers for $19.99. I went through the whole ordering process and it wasn't until AFTER I gave my card info that I was able to see my total go to $68!!

$14.99 for guaranteed delivery and $9.99 for "standard delivery" What?!? I didn't hit the confirm order button so I hope it didn't go through.

As if the scam with their fees weren't enough, on the website in teeny tiny writing it says that any orders placed from May 3rd to May 8th cannot be changed or cancelled. WTF?!


:( I just did the same thing. Saw the yahoo ad for the lillies 19.99 went through everything chose the free vase and got the 9.99 shii=pping charge the 4.99 care and handling AND 19.99 GURANTEED DELIVERY!

I called mad as *** she canceled my order thankfully I caught it. They canceled the order so I'm waiting for the refund in my bank acct


ProFlowers tried to ripp me off also with all the addittional charges, Icouldn't understand how 19.99 flowers jumped to $52 dollars/ thats more than the flowers by double, I'M calling B.B.B about this. One lady even hung up on me when i was trying to explain my issue. These flowers better be nice , or I'm taking pics and going to court


Agreed 100%. Its a Rip-off scam.

I tried to order roses for Mothers day, and I found that $19.99 special became $49 total. $9.99 - Saturday delivery, $9.99 guarantee delivery, plus fuel surcharge (why do I have to pay it if I am paying for delivery), also "Vase shipping charge" - I don't need it, just take this "free vase" off my order.



Tell me about it. The 29.99 flower/vase turned into 52 bucks! It's ridiculous.


Pro-Flowers is definitely a rip off company with many fees that you are not aware of until you hit the confirm button! I will never use this *** company again and will encourage others not to either! M

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