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Ordered a Dozen strawberries for valentines day. Yes, the wife likes chocolate covered fruit more than flowers. So, I chose valentines day as the deliver date and started the checkout process. During checkout I expected to be offered vases and other deals, which is OK with me. They offered flowers, a dozen roses, at a substantial discount. So, selected to also purchase the flowers.

On valentines day the flowers show up, the items I selected secondary, but no strawberries. I was busy that night, as might be expected, so I didn't end up writing to Proflowers that night. The next day the strawberries showed up.

So, I got the primary gift I selected a day late and the secondary gift I selected only because it was offered for a discount price on time.

I contacted proflowers indicating I did not get everything on Valentines day. They told me the strawberries were delivered the next day so there was nothing wrong.

I responded again indicating the choice of the delivery date and alluding to the importance of a valentines day gift being delivered on valentines day.

They responded telling me they scheduled the deliver to span 2 separate days and see nothing wrong so they would not do anything for me.

I know they had a special deal where you could choose a combo deal and have deliveries of the combo items arrive over a period of days. I specifically did not choose this combo deal, which I indicated.

I also responded to proflowers asking them to rationalize how anyone would choose to have a valentines day gift delivered after valentines day. I asked them to specifically try to understand that whatever their system did to cause an item not to be delivered on valentines day was something they should be responsible for. But, they would do nothing for me.

Many large companies can easily have many satisfied customers unless they are total screw ups, and you don't get to be a large internet company by being a total screw up. But, what separates an ok company from a good one is how they handle their screw ups.

It is clear that their system made a mistake. I indicated this in many different ways. They would not admit to it nor take responsibility for it. They show no quality service at all.

I've received orders from them before and there were not problems. Receiving something that was clearly their mistake and not admitting it will cause me to never purchase from them again.

I suggest everyone do the same. Are you willing to take the risk that your order is not delivered on a time for a special occasion? if that happens are you willing to take the risk that they will not admit responsibility nor make any corrective action?

I dont want to take these risks. I expected more from them. I will not order from them ever again.

Monetary Loss: $115.

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Why would you go through some discount flower delivery website to give your loved one a gift? let order a perishable item like strawberries and expect them to be the freshest in the world when they arrive.

Here's a tip: anyone who really does care about their loved one, will not mail them something on valentines day, lol.

You should have done this in person or not done it at all. Way to be a sellout and try to pay someone to be nice to your girl for a day instead of just doing it yourself like a man.


they are the same company that owns QVC & the atlanta braves.. so what did you expect..

(untill last year DirecTV was part of the same company but they split it off) the berries are not even dipped in real chocolate.. if you had first searched on "proflowers fraud" you would see you were not the first person for any type of problem you could think of

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #431718

We apologize for the confusion with our online order form Petecis. We do have items that are delivered on a two day schedule that cannot be altered by our customers using the online order form and it was probably not an error in the system if you unknowingly upgraded your product to one of those options, however our customer service agent should not have simply told you that you were wrong and left it at that; that isn't how we expect our agents to treat our customers.

There is a reason why ProFlowers has been in business for over a decade, and it is because we treat our customers how we would want to be treated if we were in their shoes.

Without seeing your specific order I cannot offer any further insight here, but if you give me a call at 866-526-9426, I'll definitely do what I can to make it right for you. -Steve


They get away with this because of their advertising. They sell sell sell and so far, people are buying buying buying.

As consumers such as yourself wise up to the nonsense, they will eventually fade away. Many local floral and candy shops offer holiday deliveries of dipped fruit.

Perhaps next year you'll look in your own community for a more reliable vendor. Good luck!

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