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I ordered flowers and paid for Saturday delivery to coincide with my wife's birthday. No problem when I ordered. Flowers did not arrive. Called next day and found that UPS did not deliver on Saturday and that Proflowers knew about it but took my money (including an additional 20 dollars per order for Saturday delivery) and shipped the flowers anyway.

So my wife got no flowers on her birthday and proflowers gives me the raspberry for not getting the flowers to my wife. We'll see how long it takes them to refund my money.

Long story short. Had I known that they mislead me into believing they would deliver on time then I could have been able to order from FTD or 1-800 flowers or go get some from a florist locally. The point was to have flowers for my wife. They screwed me.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Don't feel too bad. ProFlowers just did the same thing to me! I ordered flowers to be delivered to my daughter's office today (her birthday), & they screwed up the order FOUR times - FOUR!

The special was $19.99 for 12 roses + a box of dark chocolates. Then they started adding on "fees" - the total was $41.00+, so I said "No way." The next day, they sent me another email apologizing and offering me an additional $10 off. I set up the order & paid a more reasonable price.

In the order confirmation, they promised to deliver the flowers on 5.11.10 - by 5pm. But her office closes at 4pm. They tried to make me pay another $10 fee to make sure they'd arrive by 4pm.

After yet another fuss, they agreed to deliver the flowers on 5.11.10, before her office closed.

Then I checked my bank online - and they'd charged me TWICE for these flowers! I called my bank; they said to call ProFlowers & direct them to call the bank and release the second charge. I called them, but they REFUSED to call my bank, claiming the extra charge would "drop off" in few days!

Today I checked my bank online, and both of the charges were gone. I contacted ProFlowers, and they sent me a scripted response saying that my order had been CANCELLED!

So now I have no flowers for my daughter's birthday. I've added a warning against ProFlowers into my email signature. Every single email I send out will warn folks against using these *** artists.

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