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It was nothing like the picture. I paid a lot of money for crappy, ugly flowers. I will not order from proflowers again. I feel that a company should not be allowed to legally steal from their customers. I ordered the flowers in good faith and I was cheated. I didn't even mind the high fees for shipping and handling if my mom was going to receive these beautiful flowers, but when I saw them, I couldn't believe how ugly they were. I am very...
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I didn't like
  • What i ordered vs what i got

My wife just got the flowers I sent for our sons to her for mother's day - and they were dead, broken, wilted - completely ruined her mother's day. None of the flowers were in the water, and now she has to clean up the mess the flowers left all over her floor. She lives in California and I live in Virginia, so its not like I can go to the store and get her fresh flowers. That is what I thought I was buying from ProFlowers, but I sure was...
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