I respect a company's right to pull advertising, but don't do so under pressure. While Rush's choice of words was unfortunate, it certainly was not unprecedented.

And, unlike others, he apologized. Whether it is accepted is not at stake. Furthermore, it appears that it was a concerted effort to place the "contraception" matter out there. It is actually a paper tiger.

Should have seen the plot unfold back when ABC's George S. asked a contraception question out of the blue I simply can no longer use your service for my needs.

Thanks for nothing..... I'll support local.

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I have purchased flowers several time a year over the lst several years. I respect the right of any sponsor to pull their products. I hope you understand that I will not be purchasing your products in the future and I will not be referring any friends or family.


Just pulled my support from ProFlowers.

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I agree. No more ProFlowers for my wife, daughter, etc.

on any birthdays or holidays.

Rush Limbaugh should never have stooped to apologize to some little tart. The truth hurts.


I tried caling Proflowers today to ask if they would reconsider pulling their sponsorship from TRLS, but they were so arrogant and defensive, I decided, WHAT the h&ll. Like Rush said someone else will gladly take all their business they just dropped at his door!

Poddebice, Lodzkie, Poland #442658

I didn't agree with Pro Flowers advertising on Rush Limbaugh in the first place. I had two very expensive orders from Pro Flowers arrive spoiled for VD.

I've posted various complaints on the net regarding Pro Flowers fraud in the past and forwarded my complaints to Rush for the past two years. I'm glad there gone!

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