Gulfport, Mississippi
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Do not order anything from this internet business. I ordered what they said was $19.99 Valentines flowers and candy.

The delivery charge was $15.00,plus $10.00 handling. Wound up costing me $50.00 for a $19.00 order.

Needless to say I AM PISSED. I am reporting this scam to my better business bureau and I am urging everyone to stay clear of this business. The charges I am stuck with were not explained on their site.

They don't tell you that there is a $10.00 handling fee or that there is a $15.00 delivery fee. I was just trying to do something nice for my family and I got ripped off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Delivery Service.

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Same here. Saved 19.99 on 39.99 flowers and ended up paying 57.00.

guaranteed Valentine's delivery$4 standard shipping $10 guaranteed morning delivery $14 lol. Such a scam

Jay W

ProFlowers is not PROFESSIONAL! The name is a SCAM. Mother-In-Law never recieved her order which was due on 2/13. They said it was on the FEDEX Truck.

Such caring customer service -- said they would re-fund the delivery charge.

HA... that helps with wilted, frozen flowers and a broken heart!

:( :cry :x

Jay W

Son ordered for girl friend and arrive a day late and with the wrong card. Poor service and product.

DO NOT Spend your $$$$$$


I ordered the "Two Days of Love" as a Valentine's day gift for my girlfriend and because of bad weather my order was pushed back a day, which is understandable. What is NOT understandable is that the order was to be delivered to her job, and common sense would tell you that most people DONT work on Saturdays!

I called ProFlowers to see if they could deliver both on Friday and they could not "modify" the order, so the strawberries were delivered to someone else because she was obviously off!! ProFlowers is definately NOT the best place to use if you're trying to do something special...they will *** up the entire purpose!!



My name is Caroline and I am the Special Programs Associate here at ProFlowers. I would like to sincerely apologize for any confusion you experienced regarding our partner program.

I would be more than happy to discuss your concerns, assist you with anything I can and receive any additional feedback to improve our service.

Please contact me directly to discuss, my phone number is (858) 909-3785. I would like to assist you in any way that I can.


So you’ve been ripping people off for 8 years? Why the high delivery charge if you literally just mail it with UPS? Shouldn’t I be paying UPS then and not you, since you don’t actually deliver?


Do not order from ProFlowers. They did not deliver my order and yet they cannot refund me my money.

Proflowers is very unprofessional. Their customer service lady said: yes, we made a mistake but we cannot refund your money.

Please order your flowers elsewhere. ProFlowers is in the business of robbing people.


I also ordered an arrangement for Valentines day for my wife. It wa supposed to be $29.99 with free vase and candy and guaranteed delivery by specified date.

They fail to tell you that you MUST PAY EXTRA for delivery by specified date+ shipping+handling. Was I surprised when I got their "Thank You" email with a bill for nearly $52.00.

I emailed them and mentioned cancelling the order but never got a return email. My last order from Pro Flowers.

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