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So i just ordered a boquet of flowers for my mom for mothers day. Carefully select the one I think she will like and proceed to checkout.

Added a personalized card so toal is up to 37.95$. Then an option comes up for delivery time am or pm no where does it say anything about an upcharge for this so I select Am since she is usually home in the mornings. So Im still thinking 37.95$ for this plus possibly 10 or 15 bucks for delivery. I enter all the info on the site as needed and cc info.

Hit the continue button expecting to go to a charge review screen. Nope it charges my card and gives me a receipt total comes to 73.91 WHAT!!!! so I review it and look over it 12.99 delivery ok seems fair. Morning delivery 14.99 complete and utter *** again no warning or anything when selecting this option.

guaranteed delivery 4.99 WHAT!!!! why am i paying for guaranteed delivery isnt the 15 bucks for morning delivery enough to guarantee it? 2.99 care and handeling WTF shouldnt this be in the shipping charge? Im Irate right now this is totally rediculous so what I figured around 50$ is 25$ higher and no chance to even review the charges before submitting this is a joke.

I call customer service more like customer I dont want to deal with you and am told nothing can be done on it. Im hoping the flowers arive on time and are in pristine condition.

Im going to look into the legality of charging you without allowing you to review charges and I guarantee if it is not legal Im going to find a hungry lawyer and take these assclowns down. Again this is completely a joke the way they run a buisness.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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